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Business Telephone Systems Provider in Sydney NSW

Leading supplier of Avaya & Samsung Phones

We've been doing hassle-free business phone system installation and providing fully hosted systems for nearly 20 years. We're a leading supplier and maintainer of business phone systems in North Sydney and around Australia.

For phone system installation and the best business telephone systems from the industry professionals contact Cititel Telephone Systems on (02) 93 100 100.

Cititel Telephone Systems specialises in commercial business phone system installations throughout Sydney and Australia.

Installing effective business telephone systems in your office will vastly improve the communication in your workplace. If a key base of your business is phone communication, it is important to have a business telephone system that best suit your needs and minimises costs. Cititel supplies high quality, fully hosted telephone systems to workplaces around Sydney and across Australia; we deliver the business phone systems that suit your requirements, no matter how big or small they may be. Take a look at our client list, which includes some of our 3,000+ satisfied customers in Australia and New Zealand.

Install VOIP telephone systems in your workplace

VOIP phone systems operate using internet communication and are a popular alternative for business communication. Operating at a fraction of the cost, these business phone systems are far more cost effective than traditional telephone line networks. Cititel provides a great range of phone systems for businesses that want to gain a modern edge but don’t want to compromise their bottom line.

Quality used phone systems for your workplace

Cititel has a large range of quality refurbished and trade-in used phone systems for sale. Our used systems are a great way to introduce modern technology to your business without spending too much, whether you’re located in Sydney or elsewhere in Australia. Cititel offers flexible payment options, allowing you to rent, lease, buy or bundle used phone systems, giving you increased choice on how to manage your phone expenses.

We are Sydney’s no.1 supplier of Samsung & Avaya Phone Systems

Cititel is proud to supply companies around Australia with corporate phone systems for major brands like Avaya and Samsung.

Avaya telephone systems have been serving offices in Sydney and around the country for years, providing effective and functional phone communication solutions at affordable prices. Browse our range of Avaya phone systems online to find the one that suits you.

Samsung is a globally recognised name that upholds high quality standards on all its products, and the Samsung systems are no different. Cititel specialises in the Samsung phone systems OfficeServ range. We stock various sizes of the OfficeServ models, providing Samsung telephone systems for any sized business in Sydney, Melbourne or around Australia.

Ask us about the most effective business phone system installation for your business. We can then present you with the best options to save you money and offer you a 100% money back guarantee on all our phone systems.


For phone system installation and the best business telephone systems from the industry professionals, contact Cititel on (02) 93 100 100 or ask for a quote NOW